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Ceremonies: Altar baskets


Altar Baskets

  Altar Basket- Brass or White Metal10.00  

Flower Stands

 Cone Basket 24" White Wicker7.50  each
 Cone Basket 40" White Wicker10.00  each
 Fan Basket 48" White Wicker10.00  each
 Fan Basket 48" Resin10.00  each
 Floor Fan Basket with handle7.50  each
 Large Wicker Fireside Basket5.00  each
 Medium Wicker Fireside Basket4.00  each
 Large Brass Plant Stands10.00  each
 Brass Plant Stands, 8", 12" 16" 20" & 24"5.00  each
 Ivory Iron Plant Stand 38"15.00  each
 Wicker Candelabra/Basket 24"7.50  each
 Wicker Candelabra/Basket 36"10.00  each
 Small Tower Column White Metal25.00  each
 Large Tower Column White Metal30.00  each
 Brown Iron Stands 43" 25.00  each
  Hanging Heart Flower Stand (does not include flower ball)15.00  
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