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Ceremonies: Arches/Gazebo


Arches - undecorated

  Brass Metal Arch25.00  each
  White Metal Arch25.00  
  Brass Metal Heart-shaped Arch (brass only)45.00  
  Black Metal Arch50.00  
  White Lattice Arch50.00  
  White Wicker Arch (decorations not included)50.00  
  Garden Arch50.00  
  Ornate Wicker Arch w/ ivy and lights75.00  
 Rustic Brown Iron Arch (Specialty)100.00  
  Iron Column Arch (Specialty)100.00  
  Birch Arch (requires delivery)175.00  

Arch Decoration - add to any arch

  Custom bows for arches or pews start at5.00  each
 Add Tulle to Arch25.00  
 Add Ivy to Arch25.00  
 Add Ivy & Tulle50.00  
 Add Ivy & Bows to Arch50.00  
  Add Ivy, Tulle & Scattered Flowers (arch spray not included in this price)75.00  
 Add Ivy, Tulle & White Lights75.00  
 Add Double Draping, ivy and Scattered Flowers to Arch125.00  
 Add 25% for Decor on Specialty Arches  

Arch Accessories

 One Sided Altar Bouquet (Silk Floral Rental)75.00  each
 All Around Altar Bouquet (Silk Floral Rental)100.00  
 Arch Spray - Small Silk Rental25.00  
 Arch Spray - Large Silk Rental35.00  
 Arch Extender (to make arch wider) Available for White Metal, White Lattice, and White Wicker Arches only5.00  


  White Wicker Gazebo - 8 ft. across, 10 ft. top100.00  
 Window Basket for Gazebo5.00  each
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