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Party Rentals: Lighting



  Floating Pool Candle (plastic) White or Colors available4.00  each
 Twinkle Lights (25ft strand)5.00  
 Tiki Torch8.00  
 Halogen Light on Stand (commercial)20.00  
  Light Bar for Tent (Light Blanket)25.00  
  Par Lights (4 lights)75.00  
  Single Globe White Street Lamp - 7ft20.00  
  Single Globe Black Street Lamp - 4 only25.00  
  5 Globe White Street Lamp - 8ft65.00  
  Crystal Chandelier250.00  
  Submersible Ice Cube Light for purchase (option of clear or colored)3.89  each
  Votive for purchase (Battery Powered)2.00  
 Fog Machine (includes solution)35.00  
 Confetti Cannon (includes confetti)125.00  


 Multi-plug5.00  each
 Extension Cord4.00  
 High Power Extension Cord (50ft)18.00  
 High Power Extension Cord (100ft)22.50  
 Tiki Torch Fuel5.00  
Phoenix NACEThe Bridal AssociationFree Wedding WebsitesProtect My Wedding
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