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Party Rentals: Catering Equipment


Bars and Barware

  6" Tabletop Bar, choice of color skirt47.00  Each
  Galvanized Beer Tubs4.00 to 5.00  
  Bar Caddy12.00  
  Martini Shaker with lid and strainer5.50  
 Pour Spouts.55  
 Salt Rimmer -- 3 tier10.25  
 Wine Key4.50  
 Plastic Ice Tub -- 20 Gallon4.00  
 Plastic Bus Tub2.00  
 Garbage Can and Liner4.00  
  Ashtray -- Glass.75  
  Plastic Pitcher1.75  
  Glass Pitcher2.00  
  Mexican Glass Pitcher5.00  
  Wine Carafe (1 liter)1.75  
  Specialty Wine Carafe5.00  
  Stainless Ice Tongs (Two Styles on Bottom)1.50  

Beverage Containers and Coffeemakers

  5 Gallon Insulated Cambro Containers17.50  Each
  10 Gallon Insulated Cambro Containers25.00  
  Clear Lucite Drink Dispenser15.00  
  Lucite Beverage Container with Ice Core15.00  
  Glass Iced Tea Dispenser15.00  
  Crystal Beverage Container30.00  
 Ice Chest - 100qt15.00  
  Igloo Water Cooler (5 Gallon)12.00  
  Small Galvanized Tub4.00  
  Large Galvanized Tub6.00  
  Galvanized Trough (4x2x2) shown above17.50  
  Galvanized Trough (6x2x1) shown below25.00  
  30 Cup Coffee Maker15.00  
  100 Cup Coffee Maker22.50  
  Insulated Coffee Pitcher (white)3.00  
  Stainless 50 Cup Coffee Urn (pictured right)25.00  
  Stainless 100 Cup Coffee Urn (pictured left)35.00  
  Coffee Silver Urn (25 Cup)25.00  
  Coffee Silver Urn (50 Cup) (pictured left)50.00  
  Coffee Silver Urn (100 Cup) Samovar (pictured left)75.00  
  Coffee Silver Urn (100 Cup) pot bellied75.00  
 Silver Coffee & Tea Service40.00  
 Silver Cream & Sugar Set8.00  
  White China Silver Rim Cream & Sugar Set2.50  
  Crystal Cream & Sugar Set4.00  
  Double-Walled Insulated Stainless Drink Tub25.00  

Chocolate Fountain

  Chocolate Fountain with 11 lbs of Chocolate 295.00  
 11 lb Tub of Chocolate (Milk, Dark, or White Chocolate Available)71.50  
 Large Chocolate Fountain only225.00  
 Small Chocolate Fountain only (requires 4 lbs of chocolate--not included)50.00  
 2lb Bag of Chocolate (Milk, White, or Dark Chocolate available)16.00  
 100 Skewers3.00  

Dessert Accessories

 Cake Fountain25.00  Each
 Cake Divider Stand15.00  
  Round Lucite Tiered Cupcake Stand50.00  
  2 Tier Stainless Cupcake Stand35.00  
  3 Tier Stainless Cupcake Stand45.00  
  Glass Cake Pedestal6.50  
  Stainless Cake Pedestal6.50  
  Black or White Metal Cake Stand with Hanging Crystals10.00  
  Cake Knife or Server3.50  
  Silver or Gold Cake Plateaus -- Square or Round (Cake Plateau 8")20.00  
  Silver or Gold Cake Plateaus -- Square or Round (Cake Plateau 12")25.00  
  Silver or Gold Cake Plateaus -- Square or Round (Cake Plateau 14")30.00  
  Silver or Gold Cake Plateaus -- Square or Round (Cake Plateau 15" or 16")35.00  
 Silver or Gold Cake Plateaus -- Square or Round (Cake Plateau 17")40.00  
 Silver or Gold Cake Plateaus -- Square or Round (Cake Plateau 18" or 20")45.00  
 Silver or Gold Cake Plateaus -- Square or Round (Cake Plateau 24")55.00  
  Apothecary Jars8.00-15.00  Each

Catering Equipment and Chafing Dishes

  Bus Trays - 27" Oval4.00  Each
  Tray Jack/Tray Stand4.00  
 Cambro Insulated Carrier (holds up to 5 sheetpans)35.00  
 Large Cambro Insulated Carrier (hold up to 6 sheetpans)40.00  
 Speed Rack25.00  
 Tall Hot Box (includes sterno)85.00  
  Large Stainless Counter Top Hot Box (includes sterno)95.00  
  Tall Electric Hot Box110.00  
  Plate Covers - 10 1/4"1.25  
 Sheet Pans3.50  
 Butane Burner - Single18.00  
  Heating Lamp - Double Tabletop25.00  
 Carving Board5.00  
  8 Qt. Stainless Chafing Dish (includes sterno)20.00  Each
  3 Qt. Chrome Round (includes sterno)25.00  
  8 Qt. Roll Top Brass Trim (includes sterno)40.00  
 Extra Half Pan2.50  
  Extra Full Pan (food or water)3.50  
  Extra Sterno 2.50  


 Charcoal BBQ 2 x 5 (charcoal not included)35.00  Each
  Propane Grill 2 x 5 (propane included)85.00  
  Propane Griddle 20" x 36" with Cart (propane included)65.00  

Punch Bowls and Punch Fountains

  Silver Punchbowl25.00  Each
 Glass Punchbowl - 8qt5.00  
 Plastic Punchbowl 12qt3.00  
 Plastic Punchbowl - 8qt2.00  
 Punch Ladle - plastic1.00  
 Punch Ladle - silver4.00  
  7 Gallon Stainless Footed Punchbowl20.00  
  Silver Champagne Bucket (pictured right)10.00  
  Silver Champagne Bucket with Stand15.00  
  Copper Champagne Bucket15.00  
  Plastic Silver Tone Champagne Bucket (pictured left)4.00  
 3 Gallon Fountain45.00  
 3 Gallon Fountain w/ gold trim50.00  
 5 Gallon Fountain w/ gold trim55.00  
 7 Gallon Fountain55.00  
  7 Gallon Fountain with Gold Trim60.00  

Serving Trays

 Crystal Round3.00  Each
  Oblong 12 x 183.00  
  Oblong 15 x 1913.00  
  Oblong 16 x 22 4.00  
  Silver Round 16" Tray9.00  
  Silver Round 24"16.00  
  Stainless Oval 13 x 194.00  
  Single Serve Butler Style.75  
  Large Pewter w/ Handles 15.00  
  Ornate 3 Tier Pastry Tray25.00  
  Plain 3 Tier Pastry Tray25.00  
 Large Oval Pewter Serving Bowl15.00  
  Oval Wicker Bread Basket.75  
  Oval or round Silver Wire Bread Basket4.00  
  4-Tier Extendable Stand with Bubble Chargers20.00  
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